About Me

My name is Alex Silver, and I am a recent graduate of the University of California, Irvine with a B.S. in Computer Science and a specialization in Information Systems.

I love to use code to bring great ideas to life. My passion is building programs that use big data to solve real-world problems. I am looking to obtain a software engineer position with an emphasis on software development at a foward-thinking company. If I am not behind the computer screen, I am usually managing and enjoying live events, traveling to a new nature destination, or finding the next secret food spot.

Experience in the Field

Since my earliest exposure to coding, I have been intrigued by the virtually limitless ways that I can make an idea come to fruition. Here are some of my favorite experiences that I have had.

Software testing and automation

Working as a QA Intern at Numecent program, I ran QA tests on the Cloudpaging software suite, streamlined the server automation testing process, and participated in daily team scrum and development meetings.

Analyze Higgs Boson data

As a ML Software Intern in the UC Irvine iCAMP program, I conducted research on the Higgs boson particle accelerator sensor data. I worked with a team to analyze missing data points by optimizing machine learning algorithms (using MATLAB) to discover patterns in the data.

Develop dynamic software solutions

I was a Software Development Engineer for XXIV since its inception in 2010. I have developed e-commerce websites (The Men's Groomer, The PAECs) and portfolio websites (CANTSTOPGOODBOY, LSPromos), in addition to other solutions such as touch interfaces and ticketing/check-in software.

Optimize student database

I was a Computer Network Technical Assistant at the LVUSD EdTech department. I wrote MySQL queries to gather analysis data from the Aeries SIS in order to locate missing and inaccurate data.

Projects I've Worked On

In addition to the work experiences I have had, I also enjoy working on projects independently (through my academic endeavors as well as just for fun). Here are some of the projects that I have worked on recently.

WaitLess application

I performed research on techniques to optimize Data Retrieval and Web Design for WaitLess. My team and I designed a next generation search engine that was able to take crowdsourced time data to create predictions of wait times at any given time when a user searches for a business or restaurant.

MovieSearch application

I worked as a Backend Developer for MovieSearch, a web e-commerce and database driven application that allows users to dynamically search for movies and purchase movies with a shopping cart and their account. I worked to incorporate techniques of querying a database as well as utilizing the browser cache to store user data on the client side.

FaceMatch application

As a UI/UX Designer and Developer for FaceMatch, I worked alongside a team in order to develop an application for the Autism App Jam. FaceMatch helps children with autism develop the facial and emotion recognition skills they need to become comfortable in social interactions.

Technical Toolbox

Through each experience I endure, I develop a fluency in different technical skills. Here are some of the most relevant skills I have developed over time.

  • HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, CSS
  • Java, C++, C, Python, MATLAB
  • MySQL, FQL (Facebook)
  • LAMP stack, Wordpress CMS
  • Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator
  • Linux/Unix, Mac OSX, Windows OS

Other Involvements

There are a lot of parallels between the things we build in the virtual world and the things we see in the real world. I find that getting involved in different communities and organizations has helped me develop a real perspective on how people interact with technology.

Top Left: Shaving my head for Cuck Fancer, a non-profit that provides grants and scholarships to young adults battling cancer. For 3 years, I was the UC Irvine representative, helping raise over $30,000 for the philanthropy.
Top Middle: The stage of Summerlands, an outdoor concert at UC Irvine. I have managed the talent and stage for this event for the past two years.
Top Right: Me alongside members of Alpha Epsilon Pi. I have served as President, Risk Manager and Recruitment Chair of the fraternity.
Bottom Left: A mural concept I helped design alongside my friend CANTSTOPGOODBOY, a L.A. based street and canvas artist.
Bottom Middle: In my spare time, I like to play volleyball indoors as well as on the beach whenever I can.
Bottom Right: I try to find new food spots to see how local businesses can experiment with food (plus there's nothing wrong with a tasty meal).

Let's Talk!

Now that you know plenty about me, I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to send me an email or give me a call!


The Code
if (true) {
   print("Alex Silver");
   print("Phone: 818.445.5068");
The Output

Alex Silver

Email: alexaaronsilver@gmail.com
Phone: 818.445.5068